UC Browser for Android

UC Browser is a powerful browser for Android that promises to reduce the difficulties of mobile navigation through several innovative features. The app supports multi-touch gestures, control through voice commands, Cloud Acceleration and Auto-Focus.

WhatsApp returns to allow VoIP calls service activation

After the great impact that had the WhatsApp calls service activation at the end of last week, the company decided to cut the tap 24 hours later. As has been able to confirm the

Job interviews : The output of the last job

Addressing this theme during the interview. Unless you’re looking for the first job, the question “why you left your last job?” appears almost inevitable in an interview. In fact, any company likes to know

Slingshot : Another Great App from Facebook

Slingshot, until then an alleged application created by Facebook to compete with the Snapchat, finally kicked in. He was discovered by international technology sites within the App Store, but, apparently, it was a mistake

When using ATM card and Credit card

Lincy Cheriyan was thrilled when she got a good job just after finishing her studies. Since she was a very confident girl, she had no worries about working outside Kerala. She kept only a

What is Card Protection Plan?

The problems that one has to face when they lose their wallet that contain credit cards, debit and ATM cards, is unimaginable. Financial loss is one aspect. However the most scary part is being
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