Torch Browser: The Browser of New Generation

A computer with a browser and internet is like a body without a soul so with the increasing connectivity, the browsers have become an essential part of the computer. There are many browsers available

Tag Scanner – A Music Management Application

It is always difficult to manage the collection of the music and none of the software and application is smart enough to manage the music and classify it as per our requirement. In this

Review Of Total Video Converter App

Today we live by the ‘seeing is believing’ mantra. Communication technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. Who could have thought a decade ago that we would be able to do video calling so

UC Browser for Android

UC Browser is a powerful browser for Android that promises to reduce the difficulties of mobile navigation through several innovative features. The app supports multi-touch gestures, control through voice commands, Cloud Acceleration and Auto-Focus.

WhatsApp returns to allow VoIP calls service activation

After the great impact that had the WhatsApp calls service activation at the end of last week, the company decided to cut the tap 24 hours later. As has been able to confirm the

Job interviews : The output of the last job

Addressing this theme during the interview. Unless you’re looking for the first job, the question “why you left your last job?” appears almost inevitable in an interview. In fact, any company likes to know
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